Another New Guidebook: How to Find Competent Physicians and Hospitals

"Good Doc, Bad Doc" is for patients and health advocates who need a fast reference to find the best doctor, surgeon or hospital for a particular illness or condition.

Tips include:

  • How to find the most qualified doctors, surgeons and hospitals.
  • How to do background checks on medical providers.
  • What you should you ask a doctor before you choose them.
  • Learn when teaching hospitals make the most mistakes.
  • How to obtain second and third opinions, and why choosing colleagues of your primary care doctor for those opinions may be inappropriate.
  • When and how to fire a doctor

"Good Doc, Bad Doc" is a 70 page book that draws heavily from sections about choosing doctors and hospitals within the book "Right Care, Right Now," the popular guide for patient advocates written by the author. If the reader needs a more comprehensive guide to navigating the U.S. health care system as a patient advocate, "Right Care, Right Now" (ISBN 978-1-938148-02-6, 236 pages) is recommended instead.

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