Kathleen Valentine - Author

Every so often I come across prose that is...mature. I was reading Kathleen Valentine's "Each Angel Burns" and found myself immediately drawn into a story of ethereal grace and sensuality, tinged with humor. Valentine is one of those rare individuals who has intimate knowledge of human frailities and the best and worst of humanity, but instead of approaching them with an ax, she directs scenes by giving power to nuances. And she does it with an emotional and lyrical cadence that is a joy to feel.

Normally during business hours I assert myself as a practical man, but the book managed to blow both my schedule and my hypocrisy out of the water. I couldn't put it down.

Valentine deserves your time. This is her blog:


" Each Angel Burns is the story of three people at crossroads in their lives. It is a story of enduring friendship, of faith, of great evil and greater love --- and of how they culminate in a miracle."

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